Artist / Producer Packages

Both Kane Train & Samuel Lewis are experienced in the art of mixing and mastering professionally in a dedicated, acoustically-treated studio environment. At Inimitable we have state of the art industry standard mixing and mastering plugins in order to polish off our tracks to the highest possible final version. We are able to liaise with our clients in order to shape their tracks to their desired sound as well as offering advice on what might result in a better outcome.

*All Prices below may vary. Details will be discussed during consultation. For enquiries regarding any of our artist/producer packages, please reach out to us using our Contact page.*


Mixing (1 track)  

Mixing (EP)

Mixing (LP)


Mastering (1 track)

Mastering (EP)

Mastering (LP)
*Mixing & Mastering deals can be combined together and negotiated for a cheaper total price.*

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