About Us.

Inimitable Records is a Hip-Hop based music label that aims to pioneer a signature, distinctive sound for the SouthWest UK rap scene.

Inimitable was founded by artists Samuel Lewis and Kane Train after they met on their music production course at university. It was here that they both realised they shared the same passion for their craft and decided to take their best shot at their dream whilst they had the chance. Kane, having a background in graphic design realised he could use his skills to create artworks and digital elements for the brand whilst combining his and Sam's musical roots together to create their own distinctive sound. Kane also recruited his business-minded friend and professional network marketer Nikita Lester to the label to help make the best tactical decisions for the brand's future.

At Inimitable, we are about standing out from the crowd and embracing your uniqueness. Hence the name Inimitable; unable to be imitated. We are strong advocates for going against the grain and pursuing what you believe in no matter the cost.

inimitable - ih/nih/mih/tah/bull


so good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique.

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